TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider's Guide
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2020.07.15 ~ 2020.08.31
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本课程由美国教育考试服务中心(ETS)官方打造,并针对2019年8月1日后托福考试的变化全新升级,由托福考试的开发和评分专家亲授,以“内部视角”为你全面解析读听说写四大题型,提供权威指导,助你提升英语技能,考出好成绩。 * 托福“MyBest Scores”已被更多大学认可,包括美国名校及中国的复旦、 同济、交大等。


This test preparation course, developed by the experts who create, administer and score the TOEFL test, will help English language learners improve their skills.


The TOEFL test is a widely accepted English-language assessment. It has helped millions of people achieve their dreams to study, work or live abroad. More than 10,000 institutions of higher education, government agencies and organizations worldwide accept TOEFL scores for making important decisions.


This course will help you understand what you can do to achieve a better TOEFL test score. Instructors will guide you through each section (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) and, using archived past test questions, will explain the kinds of questions you can expect. You will receive valuable advice, including how to register for the test, how it is scored and how to prepare for test day.


This course is highly interactive, using videos, sample questions with explanations, short quizzes and collaborative discussion boards. You will also have access to real test materials from past tests.


In addition, there will be free resources and discounted test prep offers throughout the course. Finally, you will receive valuable insider tips to help you do better on the TOEFL test so you can apply to the university or job of your dreams.


【Meet the instructors】


Michael W. Knab (“Inside the TOEFL® Test” Host) is the host of “Inside the TOEFL® Test” video series and a frequent contributor to the ETS TOEFL® blog, “Study. Learn. Live.” He joined ETS in 2002, and has been part of the TOEFL® team in various roles since 2007. Before coming to ETS, he developed advanced teacher standards and was a middle-school English teacher. He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity University (D.C.) and a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, from Villanova University.


Cynthia Newman (Reading Instructor) has worked in the field of English Language Learning for 30 years. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Northern Iowa and the Cambridge Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (DTEFLA, currently known as DELTA). Throughout her career, she has specialized in the curriculum development, teaching, and testing of English for Academic Purposes. She has taught in pre-university Intensive English Programs as well as post-admittance Spoken English/Teaching Assistant preparation programs, academic Writing programs, and English for Specific Purposes programs both in the United States and the Middle East. Since joining ETS upon her return to the United States in 2005, she has worked on the TOEFL iBT® speaking and reading measures.


Shawn Gorman (Writing Instructor) holds a Ph.D. in French Language and Literature from Boston University. He also taught French and English at the high school and university level in Europe and the United States for 9 years. He has published research on topics in 20th century French literature and philosophy and presented research on second language acquisition at professional conferences. He also worked as a librarian at Harvard University for 7 years.


Molly Palmer (Speaking Instructor) has worked as an Assessment Specialist in English Language Learning at ETS since 2013. She works primarily on the TOEFL® test speaking and reading measures. Before coming to ETS, Molly taught Spanish language and literature for several years at the university level. She earned her Ph.D. in Spanish Cultural Studies from Rutgers University in 2010. Molly also has extensive experience teaching English. She lived in Spain for many years, where she taught English to university students.


Faye Weidner (Host) joined ETS in 2013 and has been working on the speaking section of the TOEFL® test ever since. She works on development of speaking items and also oversees online scoring activities. Prior to coming to ETS, she taught English to university students in Changsha, China, and to adult immigrants in Washington, D.C. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and German from Dickinson College, as well as a Master of Education in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. She loves to study languages and explore the world—she speaks German and Spanish, and has lived in Spain, Germany, and China.


Insook Chung (Listening Instructor) is an Assessment Specialist in the Assessment Development Division at ETS in Princeton, New Jersey. She has been working on the TOEFL® test, specializing in listening assessment, and developing the SAT Korean Subject Test. She received her Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) in Language Education from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Her experiences include teaching English as a foreign language in Korea and teaching Korean language in the United States.


Kathleen Fletcher (Moderator) is a TOEFL® Test Prep and Skill Building Product Manager at ETS in Princeton, New Jersey. She began her career with ETS in 2006 and over the last 10 years, has worked within the Global Education, New Product Development and the Higher Education groups. In her current position as a TOEFL® Test Prep and Skill Building product manager, Kathleen manages current TOEFL® test preparation tools, as well as works on the development of new products.


Elizabeth Jenner (Moderator) is an Assessment Specialist in English Language Learning at ETS. She has specialized in developing the TOEFL® iBT test and its supporting materials for test takers since 2004. She earned her Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of New England, Australia. She speaks Spanish, has lived in Mexico and Guatemala, and loves learning about the indigenous cultures of Latin America.


Ashley Woodrow (Moderator) joined ETS in 2013 as part of the TOEFL® team. She works on the TOEFL® social media properties and the development of the TOEFL® scholarship program. She holds a Bachelor of Science from West Chester University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration from Rider University.

  • Gain a broad understanding of the four sections of the TOEFL test: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing
  • Acquire helpful tips to prepare you for the TOEFL test
  • Improve your English language skills
  • Learn how the TOEFL test is scored
  • Learn how to use your TOEFL test scores for employment, school, visas, scholarships
  • Find test prep resources for the TOEFL test
  • Learn how to register for the TOEFL test
  • Students planning to study at an institution or university
  • Candidates for scholarships and professional certification
  • English-language learners who want to track their progress
  • Students and workers applying for visas in certain countries